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  • ​The Deal Analyzer & Repair Estimator Tool, plus many additional resources

The Investor Academy

The Most Comprehensive Online Course for Real Estate Investors

  MODULE 1 - Investor Full Immersion

The Full Immersion is a training event that will give you a solid foundation of investment knowledge and strategies so even if you have no experience, you can feel confident starting your real estate investing journey.

Course 1:
Learn Your Market
Course 2: Building Your Team
Course 3: Choosing Entity Structure
Course 4: Funding Deals
Course 5: Traditional Marketing
Course 6: Online Marketing
Course 7: Desktop Deal Analysis
Course 8: Using the Repair Estimator
Course 9: Onsite Property Walkthrough
Course 10: Deal Analysis
Course 11: Submitting Offers
Course 12: Exit Strategies

  MODULE 2 - Business Foundations

Course 1: Getting To Know Your Market (In Depth)
Course 2: Setting Up Your Business & Branding
Course 3: Establishing Your Credibility
Course 4: Building Your Team

  MODULE 3 - Marketing

Course 1: Marketing 101
Course 2: The Process of Marketing
Course 3: MLS Outreach System & Automation
Course 4: Investor Networking Systems
Course 5: Direct Mail System
Course 6: Bandit Sign System
Course 7: Classified System
Course 8: FSBO System
Course 9: Automating & Tracking Your Marketing

  MODULE 4 - Financing

Course 1: The Power of Leverage
Course 2: Types of Financing
Course 3: Verifying Access to Funds
Course 4: Financing Systems
Course 5: Creative Financing

  MODULE 5 - Wholesaling

Course 1: The Wholesaling Process
Course 2: How to Find Wholesaling Deals
Course 3: How to Evaluate a Deal
Course 4: Funding Wholesale Deals
Course 5: Contracts
Course 6: Marketing Campaigns
Course 7: Selling the Property
Course 8: Escrow

  MODULE 6 - Acquisitions

Course 1: Gathering Property Information
Course 2: Desktop Analysis (In Depth)
Course 3: Field Appraisal
Course 4: The Repair Estimator Tool
Course 5: The Deal Analyzer Tool
Course 6: Making the Offer
Course 7: Negotiating with Sellers
Course 8: Delegating & Scaling Your Business

  MODULE 7 - Rehabbing

Course 1: Introduction to Rehabbing
Course 2: Stage 1: Preparing for Your Rehab
Course 3: Stage 2: Creating a Detailed Scope of Work
Course 4: Stage 3: Job Bidding and Contractor Selection
Course 5: Stage 4: 6 Critical Documents
Course 6: Stage 5: Managing the Rehab Process
Course 7: Stage 6: Close Out and Final Payment
Course 8: Stage 7: Final Touches, Staging, and Selling the Property

  MODULE 8 - Property Sales

Course 1: The Pre-Listing Phase
Course 2: Showing Properties
Course 3: The Listing Phase
Course 4: The Closing Process

Get Instant Access to Our Online Real Estate Investor Academy

Get Started Now for only $99/month

When You Enroll Today, You also get Access To these valuable Systems, Tools, Documents & Resources

Library of Documents
The most successful investors are organized and educated. They have a detailed plan in place and the proper documents and forms that make everything transparent and simple.

In this resource library, you will find all of the documents, templates, forms, scripts, contracts, guides, and more that you will need to complete your real estate transactions.
Scope of Work Directory & Templates
Once your offer is accepted on a property, it’s now time to create a detailed itemized list of the renovations to be handed over to your contractors. This is known as a Scope of Work. For many investors, it can be one of the most challenging, intimidating, and time-consuming activities.

For Investor Academy students, we’ve taken the guesswork and uncertainty out of the process, creating a system that will save you hundreds of hours over the course of your investment career. With a library of templates we have created from hundreds of our most successful and most profitable past rehab projects.
Deal Analyzer, Repair Estimator Tools & Training
One of the most essential tools in the Investor Academy is the Deal Analyzer & Repair Estimator for Flips.

These tools are two of the most important tools while trying to find a property to invest in. They help to streamline the deal analysis process and give the confidence to make smart offers on investment opportunities to create a foundation for success.

Investor Academy students get access to training and virtual environments where they can practice analyzing a deal virtually on a REAL PROPERTY before they meet with a seller.
Weekly Group Coaching Webinars
As a special bonus, each week Investor Academy members get access to two live online training webinars hosted by our real estate investing experts. These are informative and engaging Q&A sessions where you have the opportunity to learn live with experts and get your questions answered in small group classes. 

To give you even more value, all of our group training classes are held multiple times throughout the week with replays available in your training portal.

Get Instant Access to The Investor Academy

Get Started Now for only $99/month

What Some Of Our Students Are Saying

Robert T
"To me, theres's a lot of education out there, but this is the best. Than, Paul, JD, the coaches, and the entire team are second to none. They walk the talk. They're approachable and I've had nothing but a great experience with Fortunebuilders. If I hadn't found FortuneBuilders, I wouldn't be living my dream of getting into real estate."

Robert T.
Madison, WI
Jill and Ayize
"The Scope of Work Directory was introduced to us. Literally, it blew my mind because I knew I had access to those systems and information and resources when we had to fix our apartments. Without it, life would have been completely different."

Jill H. & Ayize G.
Durham, NC
Michael H
"I always thought I was a semi real estate investor, but I didn't really know anything. In fact, I lost money doing it before I came to FortuneBuilders, because I didn't know what I know now.”

Michael H.
South Plainfield, NJ
Lamarr, Brenda and Jasmine
"We are learning how to raise money through private lenders, hard money lenders, and other creative ways like home equity loans, 401(k)s, and self-directed IRAs. It's amazing where you can get money. Once you have the money you feel confident in trying to get the deals."

Lamarr, Brenda & Jasmine
Green Oaks, IL

Frequently Asked Questions

  Who is this program for?

This program is for both new and experienced real estate investors. You do not need to have any experience to join the Investor Academy. In the Investor Academy training, we show you the time-tested training, systems, and tools you need to get started investing in real estate, or grow expand your current investing efforts.

  What if I fall behind?

Don't worry, the training materials in the Investor Academy are designed for you to go at your own pace as you get started through the process. So if you miss a week, your materials will still be available.

  How long does it take to get access?

Once you complete check out you'll be instantly emailed your unique login to the training platform and materials.

  How long is the training program?

Sometimes learning new things can feel like you're drinking from a fire hose.

The Investor Academy Curriculum is designed to follow at your own pace in a week to week format. This is so you can have a solid foundation of knowledge of the current module before going to the next module. The content is organized in a natural progression of the typical real estate deal.

When you first login you'll have access to the Full Immersion Module and Business Foundations, then each week additional modules will become available. There are a total of 8 modules, plus optional live group coaching webinars taking place multiple times per week.

  What is the training like?

The Investor Academy training consists of step-by-step, online video training that you can watch any time from a computer or mobile device. These videos walkthrough the entire process of completing a real estate deal from start to finish and are broken down into 8 modules.

Additionally members have access to tools and all the required documents like the scope of work library, checklists, deal analyzers, contracts (and more) so you can have all the resources you need to get started investing in real estate faster.

Get Instant Access to The Investor Academy

Get Started Now for Only $99/month
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